viberate 是一個平臺,其將整個現場音樂生態系統整合在一起。 目前,viberate 扮演的角色是現場音樂的 “互聯網電影數據庫”,即根據歌手在網上的受歡迎程度對他們進行排名。 該數據庫由 viberate 的用戶社區創建和管理。

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  • 項目名稱:Viberate
  • 上線時間:2017-10-07


Matej Gregor?i? Founder & CEO

Matej has been an entrepreneur for most of his life. He founded one of the biggest event management agencies in the country. His company won numerous awards on marketing festivals and did some pioneering work in digital marketing. He specializes in team leadership and strategic planning.

Vasja Veber Founder & COO

The initials of Vasja’s name could easily stand for venturesome & versatile. A sharp-minded visionary who knew exactly what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to dream big. So, a decade he spent in music management actually turned out to be just a starter for his very own start-up scene, which he took by storm ... never mind the storm – Viberate is a freaking tsunami! A dedicated father, avid biker and a coffee junkie in his spare time.

Uro? Umek Founder & Celeb Ambassador

Uro? needs no introduction. He singlehandedly kickstarted the electronic music scene in Slovenia and became an A-list world-famous techno DJ. Talk about making it big! With over 100 gigs across the globe each year, DJ UMEK is one of the world’s biggest electronic music artists. A tireless award-winning producer. A living legend. And a genuinely nice guy. The world is his playground. And his playground is: Viberate.